Tuesday, 18 July 2017

4 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Curtain Photo Booth in Sydney

Curtain photo booths can enhance almost any event with an entertainment option that is sure to delight guests. From birthday parties and corporate events to wedding receptions, this simple addition can transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. Making the decision to hire a curtain photo booth in Sydney, however, should involve a little research. The best providers go above and beyond to ensure event organisers and their guests enjoy a seamless experience.

Here are four tips to consider before hiring a curtain photo booth provider in Sydney:

•Find out what kind of booth is being offered – Normal photo booths found at shopping centres and other public venues are fun, but curtain photo booth rentals for special events should go beyond the norm. The best providers offer booths that have touch-screen controls, voice timers, outside monitors and personalised live-view functions. Their booths are also likely to be much larger, accommodating up to 18 people at once, for awesome group shots.

•Be certain delivery and setup are included – Event organisers have enough on their plates without having to worry about curtain photo booth installation. Reputable companies that offer booths for hire take care of delivery, setup and breakdown so organisers don’t have to.

•Make sure props are available – The whole reason to hire a curtain photo booth in Sydney is to ensure guests have a great time. With that in mind, the best providers make sure to include lots of props party guests can use to make their experience more enjoyable. From bow ties and masks to wigs, the best rental companies deliver them all to encourage event guests to cut loose and have fun.

•Find out if staffing is included - The better photo booth rental companies make sure attendant time is included with pricing. This professional remains available throughout an event to make certain guests get the most out of their photo booth experience. From helping guests operate the booth to encouraging them to try on props for different shots, an attendant can take the experience to a whole new level.

Hiring a curtain photo booth in Sydney can enhance any event. Taking the time to ensure a reputable company is behind the hire can ensure the experience is an extraordinary one.

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